April 15, 2016 Aleko/Pagliacci
In the brief but impassioned duettino for the Young Gypsy and Zemfira, tenor Jason Karn and Opera Carolina débutante soprano Elizabeth Caballero sang fantastically, Karn infusing ‘Еще одно, одно лобзанье!’ with ardor and soaring to top C with panache and vocal abandon…
Then, singing from the wings, Karn intoned the Young Gypsy’s Romance, ‘Взгляни: под отдаленным сводом гуляет вольная луна,’ handsomely, effortlessly projecting the extended top A and and a beautiful B♭. Joined by Zemfira in the frenzied duet ‘Пора, мой милый, пора,’ Karn’s and Caballero’s voices intertwined with blistering amatory tension broken only by the slashing of Aleko’s blade…

April 30, 2012 La
Tenor Jason Karn, embraced the role of Violetta’s paramour, Alfredo, with hardy enthusiasm. After he hit his stride in Act 2, Mr. Karn never looked back. He is a singer who possesses a clarion tenor with some nice, subtle vocal shadings in his upper register that came across dramatically in his third-act duets with Ms. Noggle. Mr. Karn is also a singer who possesses great energy, as was apparent from the famous Brindisi in Act 1 through to his character’s furious outburst at the close of Act 2.

April 12, 2012 La Traviata-Classical
Jason Karn warmed up to a consistently robust and rugged portrayal of Alfredo that was appropriately aloof or compassionate, reflecting his character’s changing emotions. Alfredo’s profession of love for Violetta and his outpouring of joy were wonderfully sung. Karn brought both intensity and serenity to his duet with Sampson expressing Alfredo’s heartfelt desire to take Violetta away from Paris to recover her health. Link
October 2009 Ariadne auf Naxos-The Washington Times
Comic thespians, Harlequin (Nathan Herfindahl), Scaramuccio (Jason Karn, subbing for Mr. Rotz), Brighella (Greg Fedderly), and Truffaldino (Grigory Soloviov) were smashing in ensemble…

October 2009 Ariadne auf Naxos-
Nathan Herfindahl, Jason Karn, Greg Fedderly, and Grigory Soloviov were hilarious as Harlequin, Scaramuccio, Brighella, and Truffaldino, the quartet of Zerbinetta’s clowns.

October 29, 2007 Roméo et Juliette
“Tenor Jason Karn, singing the role of Romeo, was a match for this talented Juliette in every way, cutting not just a fine figure of youth on stage, but with a communicative ringing vocal delivery that,
standing alone, would have made him a fine Romeo but, when bundled with the considerable acting skills he displayed…” PDF
October 8, 2007 Roméo et Juliette New York Sun Times
“I quite enjoyed Jason Karn’s singing as Roméo. He has an attractive, soft-grained tenor that at its best reminded me a bit of the late Alfredo Kraus. Mr. Karn’s singing was flexible, smoothly phrased, and secure on top.” PDF
September 2006 L’elisir d’amore Classical Voice of North Carolina
“His hangdog looks alone were heart melting, but the voice! Pitch, power, timbre, diction all came together in one package. “ PDF
September 2006 Duke University Recital Review Classical Voice of North Carolina
“Karn has a superb instrument. It’s flexible, even, and true. He stays on pitch, he doesn’t wallow around or carry on like some tenors of days gone by…” PDF

August 8, 2005 The Rake’s Progress San Francisco Chronicle
“In the title role, tenor Jason Karn balanced ardency and lovable stupidity with perfect assurance. His tone is vibrant and bright….Karn delivered the role’s stirring high notes with aplomb.” PDF

August 7, 2005 The Rake’s Progress San Francisco Classical Voice
“Karn dominated his lengthy music, from eager, callow youth (who discovers he has inherited a fortune) to his mad demise in bedlam, having squandered both life and love.” PDF